Essential products you must have at home during COVID-19 pandemic


Covid 19 Health Tips

The pandemic is still growing hugely in several regions of the planet. Undoubtedly, Covid-19 is still hugely spreading and has already infected many people.

Currently, some of the most effective vaccines of Covid-19 have already been introduced and injected, but still the number of infected people are highly increasing day by day. Maintaining social distancing is the only effective way to avoid the virus. When you are locked at home, there are some essential products, which you should have at home for yourself and your loved ones. Some of those are mentioned below for you.

Essential products to be kept at home in pandemic

Face masks: Store face masks at home as much as possible because every time any of you and your loved ones will be stepping out of home, you will be needing a face mask.
Face shields: Face shields are more useful than face masks. it will also be covering your eyes, nose and mouth because the virus can also be transmitted through eyes.
Hand sanitizers: These should also be kept at home and should be carried every time any of your family is stepping outside. All of us need to keep both of their hands well-sanitized in this pandemic.
Hand washes: Hand washes can certainly help you remove all the dirt and dust from your hands quickly that could be the reason for physical diseases if it is consumed internally.
Thermometer: Thermometers should surely be kept at home to keep monitoring the body temperature. Fever is a mentionable symptom of Covid-19, so a thermometer can also help to get the disease detected.
Pulse oximeter: Abnormalities of oxygen levels in the blood can be accurately detected by a pulse oximeter. If your oxygen saturation level is low then you should take the D-Dimer test as it is very helpful to find the blood clotting. Learn why d dimer test in covid is very important.
Disinfecting spray: Keeping a disinfectant spray can help to keep all the massive bulk of luggages sanitized.
All the above-mentioned essential things should be kept stored at your home as you should avoid stepping out as much as possible and these are the things you will be needing. Stay at home as much as possible and seek medical attention if needed.

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