10 Simple Health Checks You Can Do At Home


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Here are 10 ways you can check your health at home from checking your eyesight, to your digestive health, all the way to your tolerance of food.

Retention of Fluid: Using your thumb, press down on three or four areas on your legs. Do they stay white for a few seconds after you remove your thumb? If yes, then you are retaining fluid especially when your feet and ankles are a bit swollen. The best way to treat this is to reduce your sodium intake as well as increase your water consumption as this helps in flushing excess sodium in your body.

Food Tolerance: In a glass of water, stir in a tablespoon of soda bicarbonate and drink it. If you burp immediately then this is a good sign since it means that the acid environment found in your gut is normal. If you don’t burp, then you might not be absorbing the nutrients your body needs because your stomach’s acidity levels are low.

Check the skin below and above your eyes: Are there any yellow bumps? These yellow bumps are accumulated fats which can mean that you have high cholesterol levels. See your General Physician about this.

Spit into a glass when you wake up: If there are white tendrils that extend from the blob of spit or if it turns grey then you might have candida growing inside your body. This is usually triggered by poor immune or digestive system and can cause fatigue, allergies, and other health problems. See a nutritionist if candida is detected.

Get a cotton bud and add blue coloring to it before swabbing it over your tongue: Check the swab using a magnifying glass and count the blue dots found near the tip of your tongue. Twenty or more blue dots indicate that you have a good sense of taste or you are considered as a “Supertaster”. However, this may not be exactly a good thing as it can make you at a higher risk of getting certain types of cancers. Eating vegetables such as broccoli, sprouts, or cabbage may be too difficult to eat for supertasters due to the intense flavour which may mean they’re not getting the protection they need against cancers. To help neutralize the bitterness of these veggies, eat potatoes or rice along with it.

Pelvic Floor: As you sit, clench the pelvic floor(the muscles that you use to hold your pee in) and hold it for ten seconds. Release then repeat as many times as you can. If you can do more than 16 then well and good. If not, it means that your pelvic floor is not healthy which can cause you to have sexual problems as well as incontinence. The best way to treat this is to tighten your buttocks then draw the pelvic floor until you feel your stomach begin to hollow inward. Hold this for a few seconds then release. Do this exercise 6 times in a day.

Lung Function: Light a candle and stand 30 cm away from it. Open your mouth and try to put out the light by exhaling sharply, fully, and with that huffing sound. If it does not go out then it is possible that you may have asthma especially when symptoms such as coughing at night is experienced. If there are no symptoms but you weren’t able to extinguish the fire then it may be that your lungs are not that elastic which means you need to improve your general health.

From a parked car, walk 20 full strides away and try to read the license plate: If you can’t read the numbers well or if they are blurred may mean that you’re not fit to drive.

Iron Deficiency: Hold out your hands with palms facing upward. Push your fingers backward. Your palms will most likely go pale but did the lines of your palm turned white? If yes, then you may be suffering from anemia due to lack of iron in your system. This can be checked through blood test. If you are suffering from anemia, increase your consumption of leafy greens and red meat.

Digestive Health: Have you been wondering whether your bloating is related to your intolerance of certain types of food? Check your pulse first then sit quietly and eat a medium to large portion of the food that you think you have intolerance of. If your heart rate increases then it is most likely that you have intolerance. No one knows how this test works but the results are fairly accurate.

Although these tests may not be conclusive, they can still give you a general idea on your overall health. Nothing beats having to consult with your General Physician to know more about your health.

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