11 Home remedies for nearsightedness


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1. Avoid Watching TV Or Studying For Long Hours
One of the best home remedies for nearsightedness is to ensure that you take several breaks in between while watching TV, reading or working on the computer for a long time.This is very important because all these activities require you to focus your eyes on an object at a short distance, which leads to the onset of myopia.Therefore, to make sure that the occurrence of myopia is minimal, make sure to take periodic breaks while performing such activities.

2. Sun Rise:
Watching the sunrise every morning for three to five minutes is said to be beneficial to the eye. Wake up early each morning and go out on a walk or trek to see the sun rise. The walk will benefit your general health while watching the majestic sunrise will improve eye health and even treat myopia.

3.Eye Exercises
Performing regular eye exercises has been found to have a positive effect on myopia. Due to this, most ophthalmologists today recommend several eye exercises besides prescription glasses and medications for improving the condition. Yoga is also considered to be a great source of effective eye exercises.

4. Breathing Exercises
A variety of breathing exercises are also used as home remedies for treating the condition of near-sightedness.These breathing exercises can easily be performed in the comfort of one’s home or in any other relaxed environment. Simply shut your eyes and inhale slowly with your nose.Now slowly exhale from your mouth in a continuous and steady manner for a minimum of 3 minutes. However, make sure not to strain your body by trying to take in too much air.

5. Care While Reading:
Reading can be addictive but there are certain things you need to keep in mind while reading your favorite book. Avoid reading in dim or bad light. Ensure that there is enough light so that it does not strain your eye. Never read in a moving vehicle, it can be quite a strain on the eye. Reading while lying down can also be quite detrimental to the eye.

6. Vitamin Intake
Proper vitamin intake is another one of the most useful home remedies for treating the condition of myopia. The health of our eyes and vitamin consumption is closely linked with each other.Vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin C are closely associated with healthy eye sight.You can obtain the required amount of these vitamins from various vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food sources like tomatoes, carrots, peppers, apples, green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, dried fruits etc.

7. Natural Products:
Gooseberry (Amla) is said to be a good home remedy for Myopia. Daily use of it acts as an effective tonic for the eye. Bilberry and black currant too are very good for the eye. They help to reduce strain on the eye, improve vision and prevent further degeneration of the eye. Extracts from grape seed can help cure mild Myopia too.

8. Eye Bath:
A decoction made of either Horsetail or Nettle in a liter of water is yet another wonder tonic. Prepare and store the solution. Using a towel soaked in the solution over the eyes has been proven to delay the onset of Myopia.

9. Eye Drop:
Chamomile is used as a natural eye drop to prevent Myopia. Be sure to consult your physician before using any foreign substance as an eye drop. There are several drops made of chamomile that are available at drug stores that can be used without apprehensions.

10. Grape Seed
Grape seed extracts are rich sources of antioxidants that are beneficial in protecting your eyes from diseases and maintain eye health. This extract can help cure mild myopia when taken regularly.

11. Coconut, Candy Sugar, Aniseed And Almond
Another useful home remedy for nearsightedness is a mixture of coconut, candy sugar, aniseed and almond. Simply combine these ingredients and prepare a powder and take it twice daily. This recipe has been known to improve the condition to a great extent.


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