7 ways to stay healthy in rainy season

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We can’t just sing a song “rain, rain go away” to stop the heavy rainfall. We have to prepare and protect our health and of our loved ones.
1. Always bring your umbrella
Getting wet from a sudden rainfall can cause sudden change with body temperature that may lead to fever and colds. Never forget to carry your umbrella with you wherever you go to avoid getting sick. It’s not only the best rain gear, but also a sickness shield against cough, colds or fever when you’re caught up
on a rainy day.

2. Eat healthy
The cheapest way to protect you from sickness is eating healthy food. You can cook a hot soup to invigorate your body or eat Vitamin C-rich foods to boost your immune system to help repulse flu and infection. One of the common rainy-day diseases often caused by eating spoiled or contaminated foods is diarrhea, so always remember to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly to be safe. A delicious and healthy food is what makes rainy days a little warmer.

Avoid eating street foods.

3. Drink clean water
Water-borne diseases are very common during the rainy season. Contaminated water sources could bring water borne diseases such as amoebiasis(amoebic dysentery) and cholera. If  you’re unsure of the water supply, boil it or buy purified drinking water to be safe.

4. Drink herbal tea
Herbal tea has curative properties for coughs, colds and sore throat — common ailments during the rainy season. You can add body warming ingredients like cloves, ginger, pepper, basil and mint to make it extra good for your body as well as it would be more pleasant and delicious.

5. Wash your hands
Regular hand washing is the best way to keep you from getting colds, cough and influenza, and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria and keep away diseases. Wash your hands properly by lathering soap between your fingers, under your nails and the top of your hands. Rinse and dry your hands thoroughly to get rid of the germs.

6. Don’t touch your face
The flu virus commonly enters our body through the eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t scratch your eye or wipe your sweaty forehead. Use a clean napkin or handkerchief instead.

7. Keep your surroundings clean
Keep Mosquitoes out of your room. Dengue, a fatal disease caused by mosquitoes, is the most rampant disease during the rainy season. Don’t leave any water stagnant and throw away the things that may promote mosquito breeding. Keep your waterways clean. Besides dengue, leptospirosis is rampant because of floods that may contain animal urine causes bacterial infection.

Sources : rappler.com

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