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We all have a friend or relative that naps all the time. We tend to look at them and wonder “how can they sleep in the middle of the afternoon?”, but did you know that what they are doing are doing their emotional, physical and mental health good? Yes, napping is a great and magical thing. Napping may seem unproductive and a form of procrastination, but it can greatly improve productivity and concentration.
Lack of sleep or rest can cause us to stare into space or lose concentration. It will make studying and working a lot harder than it should be. Instead of inducing yourself with high sugar and caffeine beverages, a little nap can help you regain concentration and energy to get you through the day. Instead of contemplating on napping or reading this article, let’s discuss the different types of naps and the positive or negative effects it can have on your body.


The Power Nap
This nap takes around 10 to 20 minutes to finish. This is the best type of nap when you want to regain energy. Taking a power nap can make you more alert and refresh your mind. This sleep doesn’t allow the body to go full on sleep mode, making waking up easier. Due to the short amount of napping the mind is able to relax while the body still remain active.

The 30 Minute Nap
The 30 minute nap isn’t advised, people that nap for 30 minutes experience grogginess and irritation when waking up. This is due to the deeper stages of sleep you experience in this time period. The body and mind is between sleep mode and nap mode, making the brain and body experience fogginess.

The 60 Minute Nap
The 60 minute nap is great for creativity and memory. This type of nap is great when studying or performing a mentally straining activity.

The 90 Minute Nap
This is considered to be the longest nap, it lasts around 90 minutes. This nap is great for people who lack the 6 to 8 hour sleep at night. It will help complete or fill in the missing hours in your sleep cycle. Sleeping for 90 minutes can help improve mood, creativity and memory.

The Sleep Nap
Sleeping longer than 90 minutes are hardly called a nap time. There are people that tend to sleep in the afternoon for about 2 to 4 hours or even more. This type of nap can cause problems with your natural body clock, and alter your regular sleeping schedule. You can prevent this by setting up an alarm for yourself. Waking up from this nap usually leaves you disoriented and still very sleepy.

The best time to take a nap is around 1 pm in the afternoon to 4pm, napping at this hour will not affect your sleeping schedule. Napping in a less comfortable position such as sitting on a chair, in the car, under the desk or sofa is best. Napping in this types of area will prevent a deep sleep.
Naps are great for the body, it can improve mental and physical health. Napping aren’t reserve for kids and babies. Adults’ need a little boost during the day too, but don’t sacrifice your regular night time sleep for a tiny nap time. Always get a good night’s sleep and nap if you need to.

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