Make Stress Work For You, Instead Of Stressing You Out

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Stressed out about your new job, new assignment, or new day at school? It is very hard to shake off stress and be cool about certain situations. Here are few ways in which you can make stress work for you:

1. Say It Again: “I’m Excited!”
Motivate yourself instead of being stressed. Tell yourself that you’re excited for the change, or challenge. Stress is also an enhancing way of growing, and can improve your performance at job interviews. Positivity changes the way stress hormones react in your brain.

2. Keep Your Eye On The Prize
Encourage yourself to go through the challenge by keeping your eyes on the long-term benefits. This way, you will gain more control on your life. So when you’re freaking out about a presentation, just remember this tip.

3. Make A Stress Playlist
Heal your mind with the power of music. Music can cheer you up, and motivate you to forget about your stress for a while. Make a playlist of songs which can help you manage the moment well.

4. Remember That Too Much Is Too Bad
You tend to make wrong decisions under too much stress. You need to look at the purpose and meaning of the stress that is bothering you to keep it in control. And you will enjoy when it ends. You will be proud that you handled it well.

5. Love your Body
When one exercises, one actually activates body chemicals that reduce stress, thereby reducing its cumulative effect on the body and mind. Exercise also helps one sleep better throughout the night, which is another key factor in a healthy lifestyle.

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