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Sabi Singh

Born and brought up in a family with a pharmaceutical business background, Sabi Singh is continuing the same business legacy but in a different way–by running an online pharmacy. The concept of an e-pharmacy service was new in the health sector when Singh jointly started Online Ausadhi Pvt Ltd with her brother, Sanjeev Singh, in 2016. In fact, the service was the first of its kind in the country.

After the completion of her Bachelor’s in Public Health, Singh strived to find a solution for the problem by starting Online Ausadhi.

As a woman entrepreneur, doing business in the healthcare sector was both a challenge as well as an opportunity for her. According to her, many people did not believe in her in the beginning. “Whenever we say women entrepreneur, generally people perceive it means women engaging in handicraft, jewellery or food business,” she shares.

Singh has found drastic changes in the public perception of women entrepreneurship and even startups recently. Today, even capital investors are encouraging and supporting many potential entrepreneurs and start-up companies. “There were only two women, including me and my female staff, among 30 businessmen in one presentation programme for pitching in front of investors,” she recalls. While other businessmen were asked routine questions, she encountered multiple cross-questions. Though the scenario has been changing for women entrepreneurs, she says people are still sceptical about it. Today, Singh is trying to pitch her business ideas to expand her business. With the positive responses from her clients and support from her family, she is diversifying her online business from medicine to baby products, ‘physiotherapy at home’ and ‘doctor at home’ services.

Source : https://www.newbusinessage.com/MagazineArticles/view/2744

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