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Nepal has endless possibilities for investment and young people with innovative ideas are set to create businesses that add value to the lives of other people. Almost every sector is witnessing innovative enterprises and the health sector is no exception.

Online Aushadhi

While buying most of your essentials online, have you ever wished that medicines were available online? Online Aushadhi is an online pharmacy, a pioneer in the field. Simply place an order and you will have your medicine delivered right at your doorstep within 24 hours. Call the customer support team or register on the official website to request an order. A doctor’s prescription is mandatory if it is not over-the-counter medicine.

Founder Sanjeev Singh shares, “the major objective is to give hassle-free medicine purchase experience. It’s a new concept so we are very hopeful that we will go a long way.” Established towards the end of 2015, it currently delivers medicines within Ring Road. “We receive about 5-6 orders per day. The response so far has been positive,” Singh states. “We are planning to expand our service outside the valley and for that we are studying the protocols.”


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