Top 7 Stress Relieving Teas


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1. Mint
Mint is well known for its aromatic flavor. If you add mints like peppermint and spearmint, your tea is not just well-flavored it’s relaxes your mind. It’s also an excellent combating agent for upset stomach.

2. Chamomile
Chamomile is a very good tea to drink if you are suffering from stress. Its essential oil is known as bisabol which is known to help address irritations, inflammation and microbial infections. Regular chamomile tea drinking will help people with the challenges of stress and anxiety attacks. This tea is also good to help people sleep better. Chamomile tea is best to take when you are about to sleep. It is also good for the skin as chamomile tea bags are often used as part of a skin cleansing routine.

3. Ginseng
Ginseng does not only give you more energy, it is known to help people who are having sleeping problems such as insomnia. People who are not getting enough sleep are often suffering from very high stress levels. While Ginseng may not be able to cure the cause of stress itself, it can help alleviate the symptoms. It is one of the best adaptogens and as such it is able to find imbalances in the body and helps bring the chemistry towards equilibrium. It is also thought to help prevent cancer-induced stress.

4. Passionflower
Passionflower was first used by Native Americans. It is known to have the chemical flavone chystin which is great against anxiety and stress. In fact, it has been observed to be as effective as Xanax. In twin studies, passionflower performed at par with anti-anxiety medications, but without as much drowsiness. It is advisable to drink the passionflower tea before retiring for the night.

5. Lemon Verbana
An herbal tea with Lemon Verbena is just the dose you need to an upset stomach and nausea. If you have insomnia problem, you will find it to be just right for your curing this problem.

6. Catnip
This herbal ingredient is well-known for its properties to reduce excitement and palpitations. When stomach is unable to digest properly, it results in digestion-related headaches. At such times, a cup of catnip tea is just the thing you need for relief. It’s very good for quieting the mind.

7. Ashwagandha
An herbal medicine grown in Africa, the Mediterranean and India, ashwanganda (Withania somnifera) is an adaptogen. This class of herb helps the body fight stress by reducing the production of stress hormones that result in the fight-or-flight response. This adaptogenic quality can help the body relax and help the body stay strong. It also is a potent antioxidant as well.


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