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It’s hard to embark on a healthy journey when your family is still eating donuts and swigging soda. But how do you get them to embrace a healthier future? While it’s best that they get on board with you and learn how to make healthy choices, sometimes you just need to sneak it past them.

Eat Together

If you eat breakfast and dinner together every night, you know what they’re eating and in what portions. It connects you as a family and helps you teach important lessons, like mindful eating, that eliminate overeating.

Play Together

From playing tag to hopscotch, there are a number of small ways to add more exercise into your day. Ride bikes, go rollerblading, swim, or even create an obstacle course in your back yard and see who can achieve the fastest time. The best thing about this sort of activity is that it’s fun too.

Limit Screen Time

Without going into the development of young brains and the effects screen time has on them, it suffices to say that most screen time is not active time. Sure the Wii and other video games have tried to incorporate movement into their games, but when was the last time you broke a sweat doing playing them? Limit the screen time and increase the outdoor playtime.

Use the Car Less

If you’re close enough to walk or bike to school, the grocery store, or other places you need to go, do so. You’ll be saving gas and doing your part for the environment but also for your own health as well.

Be a Good Example

If you’re encouraging your kids to be more active, becoming a role model for them is important. Kids emulate what they see. If they see mom or dad taking on a physical challenge or giving up something unhealthy like soda, they’re more apt to do the same, not because it’s healthier but because they want to be more like you.

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