9 Health Benefits of Marigold


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Other Names of Marigold
 The marigold is also known as Mary bud, pot marigold, ruddes, golds, holigold, gold bloom and the garden marigold

Useful Parts of the Plant
 The petals or the flower heads
The marigold is known for its bright orange colored flowers as well as its numerous medicinal properties. Marigold is grown mainly in March and April and is known to grow rapidly. There are different varieties of the plant and they are divided into four basic species. These include African Marigold, French Marigold, Triploids, and single Marigold. There are also sub-types with all of these major varieties.

Nutritional Information and Properties
With regards to the nutritional information pertaining to marigolds, they are known to be a rich source of flavonoids and vitamin C. they have no fat content and therefore aid weight loss.

Health Benefits of Marigold Flower

1. Antibiotic
Marigold flowers can be made into infusions, tinctures, and ointments that work well for skin wound, rashes, bed sores, varicose veins, diaper rash, burns of all kinds and even impetigo because it’s a great antibiotic agent.

2. Burn Treatment
Based on the University of Maryland, when placed in lotions, marigolds can make an efficient burn treatment. Till they turn translucent to produce a tincture, just steep one tsp of marigold petals (organic ones, of course) in a cup of hot water. Gently dab the tincture on the burnt area to help remedy the area.

3. Acne and Oily Complexions
Marigold tinctures are recommended for managing acne and oily complexions. Once per day utilize fresh flowers soaked in hot water and apply them right to your skin; keep them on for about 10 minutes, then rinse completely.

4. Cold and Flues
Marigold tea has also been used for treating colds, flues, and even coughs associated with these conditions.

5. Insect Spray
Some people take the flowers and leaves and boil them down to make a natural spray for garden insects, and some also use it on horses for biting flies.

6. Detoxing
Marigold tea also helps to detox the body and stimulate the lymph system to carry away toxic agents and get rid of swelling… and detox the liver.

7. Cancer
Marigold tea is full of great lycopene which is very important for prostate health and for preventing cancer. Studies show that marigold decreases the spread of cancer cells and limits their growth… and works great for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and even certain types of skin cancer, and leukemia.

8. Antioxidants
Marigold flower tea has great antioxidants that help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer… and prevent DNA damage.

9. No Side Effects
So far there are no side effects to marigold flowers, but herbs should not be used by those nursing or pregnant.


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